How & why we make Trust Juice

Retained Funds

Funds have been retained for the following reasons:

  • to acquire fruit from GOT during the 2017 harvest
  • to rent a chipper on behalf of GOT for use in its orchard in Longney, in October 2017 and again in spring 2018
  • to repay loans made to Trust Juice for the set up of the brand (trademark registration, label artwork, domain name acquisition)

As active volunteers and committee members of the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust, the three of us spend a fair amount of the spring and summer of 2016 in traditional orchards of Gloucestershire.  It's readily apparent that a HUGE amount of fruit goes to waste, each and every year.  We felt we could do something about it.

Between the three of us, we knew and had contact with owners of several orchards, we had the wherewithal to press the apples and bottle the juice, we knew enough people who wanted to buy the juice, and we received enough encouragement to go ahead. And so Trust Juice was born.

Our objectives

1. To use unsprayed Gloucestershire apples that might otherwise go to waste;

2. To raise money for the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust, or to other projects that support the county's traditional orchards;

3. To demonstrate that traditional orchards still have some practical use, in addition to their ecological, cultural, environmental and landscape value;

4. To provide ourselves with an excuse to enjoy Gloucestershire's traditional orchards, to spend more time in them and share that enjoyment with others.

5. To create a sustainable way of supporting these aims and objectives for subsequent seasons.

6. To provide a model that may be usable in other fruit-growing counties of UK.

Financial Transparency

To be transparent, below is the financial summary related to Trust Juice for the first year of its existence, up to 31st August 2017.











Revenue from sales of Trust Juice

Cost of market stall

Profit from sales of Trust Juice


To Gloucestershire Orchard Trust (GOT)

To Gloucestershire Orchard Trust, Sept 2016

Payment for wire for GOT's orchard

To Gloucestershire Orchard Trust, July 2017

Retained Funds

Cash on hand

None of the three participants in Trust Juice, nor The Cotswold Fruit Company, make any financial gain or profit from Trust Juice