Martin Hayes

Martin is renowned across the three counties of Gloucesterhire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire as a true expert - the true expert - in the practical management of traditional orchards, equally knowledgeable about apples, pears and plums of all types.  This knowledge and experience is based on over 40 years' practical experience of working in orchards, so little, if anything, occurs in orchards that he has not come across before. He devotes a great deal of his time and expertise in supporting the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust in a practical and consultative capacity.


Alison Parfitt

Alison is an independent practitioner, researcher, sometime activist and an Honorary Research Fellow in the Wildland Research Institute. Her interest in Gloucestershire's traditional orchards is part of a lifelong preoccupation in our landscape, in sustainable land management, in issues related to access to land and our human relationship with nature. She has worked with organisations such as the Forestry Commission, Natural England, The National Trust, English Heritage and many other organisations related to land and our landscape.  


David Lindgren

A relative newcomer to the world of traditional orchards, David is now an artisanal cider-maker, having spent almost all his working life in the drinks industry.  The obvious links between apples, orchards and cider have led him to an active involvement in Gloucestershire's orchards, whether as a volunteer and committee member of the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust or planting and restoring the orchards he comes across in managing his business, The Cotswold Fruit Company, which produces Trust Juice.