What do we mean by "unsprayed"?

Simply, we mean that neither the fruit nor the trees have been sprayed, with chemicals or with anything else.

No fertilisers.

No pesticides.

No herbicides.

No soil improvement agents.

No synthetic chemicals.

No "natural" or "nature-identical" agents or additives or ingredients.

Nothing at all.

Put another way, our apple juice is made from fruit that is grown naturally, grown only with the assistance of the wind, rain, sun and air.  We think that's the best way to do things. Refreshingly simple.

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Unsprayed apples ... grown only with the assistance of wind, rain, sun, air 

Unsprayed apples ... grown only with the assistance of wind, rain, sun, air 

Uncertified ...

We don't have our own orchards. We collect surplus fruit from people's back gardens, so long as two essential criteria are met. Are the apples unsprayed? And are they from Gloucestershire?

We also collect apples from several traditional orchards, orchards that we know haven't been sprayed for years and years and years, if ever at all.

So even though our apple juice isn't certified as "unsprayed" by an external agency - the process of getting organic certification for every garden we get apples from would cost far too much and take far too long -  we believe in the trustworthiness of the people we collect our fruit from; when they say they don't and haven't sprayed their trees, they mean that they don't and haven't sprayed their trees.

... but better than organic?

We support and applaud the principles and objectives of the organic movement.  Reducing the use of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides must be a good thing and it's certainly good for the environment.  Organic certification does, however, permit the use of certain fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides that are based on natural ingredients in certain circumstances.  So, if you want to be sure that your apple juice hasn't been grown with the assistance of fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides and you want to know where the apples come from, then consider Humblebee apple juice.

Made with unsprayed apples from Gloucestershire.