From tree ...

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From orchard to barn, from mill to press, from filler to labeller, from beginning to end ...

...we know which apples from which gardens and orchards go into each and every batch of Humblebee or Trust Juice 100% pressed Gloucestershire apple juice.

The changing tastes of the season ...

Each batch reflects the varieties of apples that are both available and ripe when we pick and press them, so there are differences in taste from batch to batch.  Whichever you drink, we hope you'll find them all delicious.

... to bottle

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So, if you're interested, our 2017 batches are made with these varieties from these locations ...

Batch ...

Batches A & B

Batch C

Batch D

Batch E

Batch F

Batch G

Batch H

Batch I

Batch J

Batch K

Batch L

Batch M

Batch N

Batch O

Batch P

Batch Q

Batch R and S

That's it, folks!

From ...

Frampton, Longney, Northleach, Winchcombe

Longney, Winchcombe


Greet, Longney, Toddington

Arlingham, Greet, Winchcombe

Chipping Campden

Chipping Campden, Greet, Toddington

Chaxhill, Farmington, Winchcombe

Chipping Campden

Boddington, Chaxhill, Longney



Boddington, Longney

Boddington, Greet, Longney

Boddington, Winchcombe

Boddington, Apperley

Boddington, Westbury on Severn

The process will start again in August 2018, with apples from the same locations, as well as new ones, we hope.

Main varieties ...

Discovery (with a few early Bramleys to add just a touch of sharpness)

Cox, Holstein Cox, Howgate Wonder

Egremont Russet, Howgate Wonder, Spartan

Discovery, Golden Delicious, Spartan

Discovery, Newton Wonder

Lord Lambourne, Worcester Permain, James Grieve

Egremont Russet, Golden Delicious, Laxton Superb

Discovery, Bramley

Spartan, Laxton Superb

Spartan, Howgate Wonder, Laxton Superb, Pitmaston Pineapple

Ashmead's Kernel

Adams' Pearmain, Pitmaston Pineapple

Adams' Pearmain, Orleans Reinette

Adams' Pearmain, Orleans Reinette, Newton Wonder

Newton Wonder, Catshead, Gloucester Underleaf

Newton Wonder, Gloucester Underleaf

Newton Wonder, Ashmead's Kernel, Gloucester Underleaf

Each year we hope to add new varieties to the list of apples we pick and press - there is an astonishing number of varieties growing in Gloucesteshire.