A little bit about us ...

The Cotswold Fruit Company Ltd. sounds a lot grander than it is.  It's a small family-owned company that started collecting apples and making Bushel+Peck cider+perry in September 2015, and Humblebee and Trust Juice in 2016.

When it became clear that David Lindgren needed to retreat from his career in the soft drinks industry, he decided to put his 30 years' worth of experience to better use in the more enjoyable world of cider-making, of apples and of traditional orchards.  

The picking crew ...

The picking crew ...

Bushel+Peck cider+perry is available in about 30 different locations, mostly in and around Gloucestershire, but with a few further afield.

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We will only use apples from Gloucestershire.  Nothing against fruit from Somerset or Herefordshire, but Gloucestershire has a rich heritage of growing fruit and it makes sense  to use whatever is available locally - lower food miles is better for the environment.

We collect surplus apples from gardens - homeowners get free juice or cider in return - as well as from traditional orchards.  We also spend a significant amount of time helping to restore traditional orchards, either volunteering as a committee member of the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust or on a commercial basis. Either way, we're active in orchards throughout the year.

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The business is small.  Although we do hope to grow it, we don't intend to lose sight of the things that make it human and enjoyable, such as spending time in Gloucestershire's beautiful orchards with friends ... or, in the absence of friends, with Pippi the dog.

Steve - friend, humourist, apple-picker

Steve - friend, humourist, apple-picker

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Octavius Barn, Parkway Farm, Fossebridge, Gloucestershire, GL54 3JL